Two Woman And Child Brawl Inside Walmart

Two Woman And Child Brawl Inside Walmart ( 4UMF NEWS ) Two Woman And Child Brawl Inside Walmart: No amount of soap could clean this mess. A Walmart aisle turned into a soapy boxing ring when two women and a child let loose on one another in a caught-on-camera brawl that was described by one witness as "white trash at its finest." The women were arguing inside the Beech Grove, Ind. store around 10 p.m. Thursday when words turned to blows, prompting one woman to jump off her motorized scooter and knock her opponent into a nearby shampoo aisle. What resulted was a jaw-dropping sideshow for passing shoppers. "Yeah, do something about it! What are you gonna do?" a boy, identified by WTHR as 6 years of age, is heard shouting as he helps kick and stomp on one woman as she's pinned to the ground. Throughout the at least five minute ordeal, captured in two graphic videos uploaded to YouTube Friday, witnesses hover around and discuss intervening but ultimately decide on leaving it to responding police officers instead. "I don't think you can touch them though because you will be involved in a lawsuit, the way s--t is these days," one woman says off camera. When the boy begins tossing bottles and even squeezing soap on the pinned woman's face, one woman scolds him off camera -- prompting a defensive response from the boy. "I'm not playing! You can't tell me to stop!" he shouts back with a voice that bites like Ricky Bobby’s two wild boys in Will Ferrell's outrageous comedy, "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby." As the woman's Mini-Me marches toward the gathered shoppers one woman tries to calm him. "No, you're right baby. Protect your mom," she calls to him, promptly sending him stomping back into battle. A Walmart spokesperson, reached by the Daily News Monday, said that within about a minute the store's management called police. Officers showed up about eight minutes later. Attempts to reach local police for comment on the incident were not immediately successful. Source