MMA Fighter Roshaun Jones Charged With Murder

MMA Fighter Roshaun Jones Charged With Murder ( 4UMF NEWS ) MMA Fighter Roshaun Jones Charged With Murder: Professional fighter Roshaun Jones was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder on Thursday in Oklahoma. Police believe Jones, who last fought at a Bellator event in 2015, shot and killed two people in a botched armed robbery at the Laundry Station in Del Mar on Monday. One of the victims, Nekia Jackson, was on shift as the day manager of the establishment, while the other, 60-year-old Russ Roberts, was a customer who happened to be in the store when Jones tried to rob it. Roberts tried to help Jackson while the robbery was happening when Jones allegedly turned the gun on them both, according to KFOR . Another customer walked in later to the pair of dead bodies and called the police. The U.S. Marshals service assisted in the manhunt for Jones earlier in the week and he was eventually captured by authorities in Midwest City, Okla. Source