Katt Williams Punches A Teen

Katt Williams Punches A Teen ( 4UMF NEWS ) Katt Williams Punches A Teen: Early Wednesday morning, a series of video clips went viral of comedian Katt Williams first sucker-punching a teenage boy, and then being taken to the ground by the young fella. It’s just the latest in the ongoing Katt Williams saga. A lawsuit was filed against the 44-year-old actor and stand-up comedian last week in Los Angeles Superior Court by Jamila Majesty, who claims that, after she used his private bathroom, Williams became enraged, and assaulted her along with a group of women. The suit alleges Williams “slapped [Majesty] several times and punched her in the ribs in addition to beating her with the group of women… As a result of the beating [Majesty] suffered broken ribs, split tendons, scarring to her face, and other extreme physical and emotional damage.” Majesty is suing Williams for assault, battery, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Less than two weeks ago, Williams, who has appeared particularly worse for wear of late, sucker-punched a man onstage at a Beanie Siegel concert in Philadelphia, inciting a brawl that left the comedian on the receiving end of a group beatdown. Williams, who made a name for himself on the MTV series Wild ‘n Out, for his spirited stand-up comedy performances, and in several films, has a history of trouble with the law—and felonious assault. Back in 2011, Williams and a group of three women assaulted a tractor driver, hurling rocks and wooden sticks at the man. The following year, in separate incidents, Williams was accused of: punching his former assistant, beating an 18-year-old with a bottle on his tour bus, engaging in a bar fight in Seattle, and had four of his children placed in protective custody after the LAPD found “numerous guns and illegal drugs in the house that created a safety hazard for the kids,” reported TMZ. If that weren’t enough, Williams is still facing robbery charges stemming from an incident in September 2014 where he and former hip-hop mogul Suge Knight allegedly stole a female paparazzo’s camera in Beverly Hills. And just last month, Williams was arrested in Georgia after being accused of punching an employee in a pool supply store. When police arrived, they found Williams outside of the store “lying on the ground with his hands behind his back as though he was ready to go to jail,” according to Sgt. Kevin Holbrook. Source