Daughter Sues Parents For Putting Baby Pics On Facebook

daughter-sues-parents-for-putting-baby-pics-on-facebook ( 4UMF NEWS ) Daughter Sues Parents For Putting Baby Pics On Facebook: An 18-year-old Austrian woman is suing her parents after they refused to take down hundreds of embarrassing baby photos they posted on Facebook. The unnamed teenager said she found about 500 photos of her childhood posted online when she joined the social media site at age 14. “They knew no shame and no limit,” she told Austrian magazine Die Ganze Woche. “Whether I was sitting on the potty or lying naked in my crib, every step of mine was photographed and subsequently made public.” The woman claims she asked her parents to take down the photos but they refused. “Therefore, I see no other way than to sue,” she told the magazine. “I'm tired of not being taken seriously by my parents.” However, the woman’s father claims that it’s his right to post the family photos. “After all, this is our child,” he told Die Ganze Woche, “and it is a lovely family album for my wife and me.” The case is expected to be heard in November. Source