Apple Delays Release Of AirPods

apple-delays-release-of-airpods ( 4UMF NEWS ) Apple Delays Release Of AirPods: Apple can’t seem to cut the cord just yet. The tech giant has delayed the release of its wireless AirPods, earbuds built to work with its new headphone jack-less iPhone, indefinitely. The company said it needs “a little more time” before the $159 headset begins shipping. In September, Apple promised the gadget would hit shelves sometime in October, although no specific date was provided. Apple did not provide a new timeframe for the AirPods, and it’s not clear when customers can expect to get their hands on them. Officials did not say what caused the delay. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus went on sale in September. The new phones do not have the standard 3.5-mm. headphone port found on virtually every other smartphone. Instead, users listen to music through corded earbuds that plug into the device’s charging port. The AirPods, which were unveiled at the same September event where the new phones were debuted, are sold as a $159 add-on accessory. The wireless device faced a slew of mockery following the announcement, with many customers joking about how they had already lost them. Source