‘Breaking Bad’ Fan Dissolves Cop’s Body In Acid

breaking-bad-fan-dissolves-cops-body-in-acid ( 4UMF NEWS ) 'Breaking Bad' Fan Dissolves Cop's Body In Acid: Having watched "Breaking Bad" repeatedly, a crystal meth-using man admitted in court that he was "inspired" by the TV series when he attempted to dispose of a police officer's body using acid. According to the BBC, London resident Stefano Brizzi claims Gordon Semple, a 30-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police, died in his apartment as the result of a "sex game gone wrong." Panicking and feeling as though he was in a "bad dream," Brizzi, 50, admitted in court that he was obsessed with the universally acclaimed show about a high school chemistry teacher becoming a methamphetamine-dealing drug lord, in which three out of five seasons feature at least one body being disposed of by way of a hydrofluoric acid bath. "I accept I considered without any rationality at all. I think I was inspired by that idea," Brizzi said. "I took whatever was there, thinking maybe I can dissolve him. The bath was absolutely tiny, I had no knives, no saws, anything in particular out of the ordinary." Continuing, Brizzi said, "I had no idea what kind of chemical I was using. I'm not saying I was not inspired by that idea. What other ways did I have to dispose of it? I couldn't bury it. I didn't know where to start." Brizzi, who previously admitted to using crystal meth, says he's only guilty of obstructing the police investigation, not murder. Officers previously told the court that upon entering Brizzi's residence, they discovered a "blue-green liquid" in the bath with "flesh-colored globules floating in the water." The case is still pending. Source