Hundreds Of Marijuana Plants Found At Daycare

Hundreds Of Marijuana Plants Found At Daycare ( 4UMF NEWS ) Hundreds Of Marijuana Plants Found At Daycare: This Connecticut daycare decided to go completely green. A West Haven daycare center had its license revoked after cops discovered several hundred marijuana plants in its backyard Friday, New Haven Register reported. State child care inspectors called the cops after they were denied access to a segment of the backyard cut off by a tall wooden fence. After obtaining a search warrant, police descended upon the druggy day care to discover as many as 600 marijuana plants, spanning between 6 and 10 feet. Records indicate the daycare owner is Rosalee Miller, but police did not immediately name suspects or reveal charges. The license suspension is separate from any potential criminal charges. Greg Smith, who lives down the block from the daycare, said the news of the immense marijuana bust surprised him. “It’s a shock to us all, and if you’re running a day care, it’s the last thing you should be doing,” Smith said. Source