Georgia Republican Calls John Lewis ‘A Racist Pig’

Georgia Republican Calls John Lewis ‘A Racist Pig' ( 4UMF NEWS ) Georgia Republican Calls John Lewis ‘A Racist Pig': A white Republican in Georgia accused Rep. John Lewis of being "a racist pig" after the black civil rights icon announced he's not going to attend President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration . Tommy Hunter, a high-ranking commissioner on the Gwinnett County Board, penned two since-deleted Facebook posts over the weekend that disparaged the 76-year-old Georgia congressman and Democrats in general. "John Lewis is a racist pig," Hunter posted on Saturday, according to a screengrab from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . "There ain't one political pundit that didn't say on November 9 that this would be Demonrats EXACT response to Trump winning. Like I heard Rush, I believe say, Demonrats DO NOT live in reality. They believe polls were right and THE REAL VOTES were wrong. What a bunch of idiots." On Sunday, Hunter reportedly followed up with a second post that alleged that "Lewis' district is drawn to keep him in power. His wins are all illegitimate." The harshly-worded tirades came after Lewis, a prominent leader of the Civil Rights movement, declared that he will not attend Trump's inauguration because he does not "see this President-elect as a legitimate President." Lewis specifically criticized Trump for refusing to accept the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion that Russia interfered in the election to help him win the White House. Hunter's initial Facebook bashing came just a few hours after Trump over Twitter called Lewis "Sad!" for supposedly being "all talk, talk, talk — no action or results." The President-elect was widely criticized for the tweet, which he sent on the 88th birthday weekend of Martin Luther King Jr., who Lewis marched alongside in 1965. At least 26 Democratic lawmakers joined Lewis' inauguration boycott after Trump's Saturday morning Twitter attack. Hunter did not immediately return a request for comment from the Daily News, but told the Journal-Constitution that the "racist pig" remark was "probably an overreaction out of aggravation." "While I am grateful for what the Congressman did in Selma and other times during the civil rights movement, you get respect by showing respect," he told the newspaper. "He is using his fame as a way to continually divide the races and in this case standing on the very much unsubstantiated claim that the guy I voted for (Trump) is racist and only won because of Russians hacking the election — which, of course, we all know didn't occur." Source