Huge Pot Stash Discovered In Porta-Potty

Huge Pot Stash Discovered In Porta-Potty ( 4UMF NEWS ) Huge Pot Stash Discovered In Porta-Potty: It may not have been filled with the usual contents, but an Oregon port-a-potty still stunk. An unidentified man walking his dog in Rouge River discovered a record-setting amount of marijuana stashed in a mobile toilet. The city’s police posted pictures of the find on their Facebook page, unleashing a flood of giggling stoners having a bowl with “potty” puns. Chief Ken Lewis and his officers have not yet been able to hash out the circumstances behind what became the largest marijuana find in department history. He said that a city employee had checked the cannabis-filled can three hours before the dog walker and found no trace of the unusual toilet paper. Oregon legalized pot for recreational use last year, though residents are only allowed to have four plants or eight ounces of the drug. Source