Top Reality Star Has AIDS

Top Reality Star Has AIDS ( 4UMF NEWS ) Top Reality Star Has AIDS: Is it possible and you wanna know it is??? Well peep what is being said. The world of REALITY TV is about to be BLOWN THE F*CK UP!!! just learned that the family of the ex-boyfriend of one of the BIGGEST REALITY STARS on TV is going public. You see the dude used to LIVE TOGETHER with this reality star - until the two separated. Well she moved on to bigger and better things, landing a spot on one of OUR FAVORITE REALITY SHOWS. And dude . . . DIED OF AIDS!! The man's family, we're told will be giving an interview before the week is out - and they plan on IMPLYING that the woman may be infected too!!! Of course we're not trying to blow her up just yet .. . but REALITY TV is about to get REAL!!! We really hope she ain't infected . . . cause if she is . . . CHILLLLLLLE!!!  
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