Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke Of Domestic Violence

Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke Of Domestic Violence ( 4UMF NEWS ) Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke Of Domestic Violence: Paula Patton has accused husband Robin Thicke of domestic violence as she slaps the singer with a restraining order on behalf of herself and their 6-year-old son. A Los Angeles county judge temporarily removed Thicke's custody of the young boy, Julian, on Thursday and approved a domestic violence restraining order requested by Patton, according to court documents acquired by the Daily News. In addition to his ex-wife and Julian, the order requires Thicke to stay 100 yards away from Patton's mother as well. The judge also acknowledged that the singer "has a history of domestic violence" on the temporary restraining order. Thicke said in a sworn statement filed Thursday that the couple had no problems with their custody arrangement until Jan. 5., when Patton “suddenly” informed him she was “withholding Julian” and wouldn’t allow him to see their son. “I believe Paula’s sudden ardent opposition to me spending time with Julian is a product of residual anger she holds toward me,” he said. “Neither my family nor I would permit Paula or her family to attend the funeral of my father on December 20, 2016,” he wrote. “Paula did not have a positive relationship with my father and often made negative comments to me about my father,” he said. “It is my belief that Paula only wanted to attend because it would have resulted in additional public exposure for her.” Patton's sworn statement, however, told a different story. The actress accused Thicke, her high school sweetheart, of cheating on her on Valentine's Day 2013 while she was in another bedroom in a rented bungalow at the Chateau Marmont “I later learned that after I had fallen asleep, Robin had attempted to have sex with some girl in the second bedroom,” she wrote. She said his moods began to change around that time as well. “I began to believe he was either bi-polar or was using such an extensive amount of cocaine and other substances.” “On or about April 6, 2013, on our son’s third birthday, Robin’s anger towards me became uncontrollable,” she said. At that time, Patton wrote, her husband kicked down a locked door after she hid when she saw him having "inappropriate contact" with a masseuse. When she returned later after promoting a film, Thicke turned "physically violent," she wrote in the statement. “He pushed me down and kicked me,” she said, adding that the incident led to a “blowout fight.” She claimed Thicke later apologized and “begged” her to come back, even promising to see a counselor. “Robin’s behavior continued to get worse,” she said. He attacked her again at the Cannes film festival in May 2013, she claimed in her statement. “Robin hit me with a closed fist to my upper body and then pushed me onto the ground,” she said. During the summer of 2013, Patton received distressing calls from Thicke while he was on tour, she said. “He would scream, shout and rage at me,” she said. “He would scream that he makes all of the money and how dare I suggest to him how he should behave or live his life.” When Thicke returned from tour, he told Patton he had “unprotected sex with seven other women,” she said in the statement. He learned a celebrity magazine knew about the cheating, so he said he wanted Patton to hear about it from him first. She said they attended the MTV music awards in New York after that, and Thicke cheated again. “After the taping of the awards show, I went to our room only to find Robin in bed with two naked women,” she wrote. “I left the hotel, wandered the streets of New york and called my brother crying.” Patton said she wanted to leave Thicke then, but “did not want our son to grow up in a broken home.” But while they were in Vancouver in February 2014, Thicke flew into another rage with their son and the nanny present as well. “Julian was upset and frightened by this unexpected rage,” she wrote. A few days later, they decide to separate. “Robin quite simply emotionally wore me down,” she said. “I felt abused, disrespected and depressed. I wanted out of this marriage.” She said Thicke promised he would never use substances around their son, and for the first 12 months after the divorce, it appeared he was keeping his word. Thicke admitted hitting Julian, but said it wasn’t a common occurrence. “I have always used progressive discipline with Julian, primarily the use of timeouts,” he wrote. “On a very rare occasion, and only as a last resort, I will use light spanking,” he wrote in his statement signed Jan. 25. “It is consistent with the law — open hand on the butt.” “I have never exceeded age-appropriate discipline, and this has never been an issue, nor has it been raised by Paula at any time previously.” A Los Angeles judge previously shot down Patton's request to reduce her former husband's interaction with their son, but things changed Thursday when Thicke and Patton appeared in court. Both Thicke and Patton appeared before the judge in a Los Angeles courtroom to ask for complete custody of Julian, and the judge reportedly sided with the boy's mother. Patton and Thicke divorced in 2015 after 10 years of marriage. Source