Mercedes-Benz Introduces Luxury Pickup Truck

mercedes-benz-introduces-luxury-pickup-truck ( 4UMF NEWS ) Mercedes-Benz Introduces Luxury Pickup Truck: Mercedes-Benz is jumping into the luxury pickup game, where profits are plentiful. The luxury automotive brand, a division of German automaker Daimler, revealed a premium pickup truck dubbed the X-Class. The company on Tuesday showed off a concept version of the mid-size pickup truck at an event in Stockholm, saying the five-seat ride will hit showrooms in late 2017. But there's a catch. It's not initially targeted at the U.S. market, where customers are fiercely loyal to pickups offered by General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Honda. mercedes-benz-introduces-luxury-pickup-truck-2 Daimler identified "key markets" for the X-Class as Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It was not immediately clear whether any units would be available for sale in the U.S. A spokesperson could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon. With oil trading in the $50-per-barrel range and gasoline prices low, bigger vehicles such as pickups have flourished. They bring hefty profits, too. Japanese automaker Nissan agreed to manufacture the X-Class at its plant in Barcelona, Spain, for sale in the European, Australian and South African markets. French automaker Renault will produce the X-Class at its factory in Cordoba, Argentina, for sale in Latin America. Renault and Nissan have an existing global alliance and ownership structure. mercedes-benz-introduces-luxury-pickup-truck-3 "We will open up and change the segment of mid-size pickups — with the world's first true premium pickup for the modern urban lifestyle,' Mercedez-Benz vans chief Volker Mornhinweg said in a statement. "Our future X-Class will be a pickup that knows no compromise." The X-Class's top model will boast a six-cylinder diesel engine with all-wheel drive, payload of more than 1.1 tons and towing capacity of up to 3.5 tons. Mercedes-Benz said interior options available on its luxury cars, such as the C-Class and V-Class, will be available on the X-Class, as well. It will also develop a "special range of accessories," such as bed covers. Source