Homeless Receive Free joints For The Holidays

Homeless Receive Free joints For The Holidays ( 4UMF NEWS ) Homeless Receive Free joints For The Holidays: They got high for the holidays. Volunteers with a Denver nonprofit handed out marijuana cigarettes Christmas Eve to help raise awareness of homelessness in the city. Members of the Cannabis Can organization said they gave away one thousand pre-rolled joints in a bid to highlight their work with those in need and encourage donations to their cause. The group hopes to raise money to buy RVs that would provide restrooms and showers to the city's homeless. “‘Cannabis can make a difference,’ is kind of what we‘re standing for,” the organization’s founder Nick Dicenzo told WXYZ-TV. “A lot of the people we spoke with really were just like, ‘If I had regular access to a shower, and a haircut my life would be so much better — I’d have so much more opportunity.’” The group can renovate a used RV to provide showers for the homeless for around $700. Dicenzo said he legally grew all of the marijuana used in the giveaway and that volunteers were careful to follow legal procedures while distributing the cigarettes. Denver does not allow for public marijuana smoking, but cannabis can be given as a gift to a person over the age of 21 so long as no money is exchanged. A person is also not allowed to carry more than an ounce of marijuana at a time. Dicenzo described the logistics as “really tricky” and added that he hoped that their campaign would help make a difference. “Spread the word, spread the cheer, to give back,” he said on the goal of the campaign. Source