Mob Wives Turn Up In New York

Mob-Wives-Star-Love-Majewsk ( 4UMF NEWS ) Mob Wives Turn Up In New York: First of all the place was packed out partying  non-stop. Where in the Big Apple. Why- Big Birthday Celebration for VH1’s Mob Wives Star – Love Majewski hot spot Taj II. 4UMF set down with the ladies and got all the low down from Mob Wives. These are interviews you gotta sleep. Peep the interviews as the girls tell it all on Mob Wives, with a few surprises. Keep up with Love Majewski       instagram-4-1-update-allows-you-to-upload-videos-from-your-library-1 Love Majewski Interview   Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club Star - GIGI Interview Oxygen's-Bad-Girls-Club-Sta Mob-Wives-Turn-Up-In-New-Yo GiGi Model - Skiddlez Interview ( Bonus The Cake Magazine video below )  
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