Sheree Loses Big Money

Sheree Loses Big Money
( 4UMF NEWS ) Sheree Loses Big Money:

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Sheree Whitfield is learning the hard way ... DON'T MESS WITH YOUR LAWYERS ... because they will sue you for A LOT of money, and they will win.

The law firm Weinstock & Scavo sued Sheree back in 2010 ... claiming the "Real Housewife" racked up $165k in legal bills while they repped her in her divorce from former NFL star Bob Whitfield.

According to docs, Sheree coughed up about $69k to W&S for services rendered, but never paid the remaining $96k ... because she claimed the firm was overcharging her.
But a judge recently sided with W & S ... ordering the reality star to pay the outstanding balance, plus interest ... for a total of $119, 674.

That extra $75k is gonna come in handy.

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gotta pay your bills - yellow

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