Gay NFL Player Kissing Boyfriend

NFL logo ( 4UMF NEWS ) Gay NFL Player Kissing Boyfriend: last week pictures surfaced of NFL player Kerry Rhodes on vacation with another guy. Rhodes released a statement saying that male was actually his personal assistant. Well, MediaTakeOut got its hands on some pictures of Rhodes and his 'male assistant' looking more personal than professional. NFL Player Kissing Male Friend NFL Player Kissing Male Friend 2 NFL Player Kissing Male Friend 3 Far be it for me to judge but he just needs to come on out of the closet and stop denying who he is. Life will get better after he stops the lies...

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oh wow.


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Obviously he has decided he’s finally ready to be open and happy, I can’t judge nobody only The Father can….peace.

PoohCreative Freeman

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And wtf does this have to do with his ability to play ball? Who gives a hell? Because I guarantee as long as he’s been playing his teammates already know and have decided being a team is more important? Can you play better to take his spot?


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What’s going on with ball players in the locker room it seem that every week one of them is coming out the closet.

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