April 17, 2014

Woman Pepper Sprays Man On Bus

( 4UMF NEWS ) Woman Pepper Sprays Man On Bus:

Footage taken on a Michigan bus shows a couple’s escalating argument that included the woman pepper spraying the man before he repeatedly pummeled her.

The Nov. 29 video, obtained by NBC affiliate WOOD-TV, begins with the man getting up and apparently spitting on the woman at the back of a Grand Rapids bus. As he walks away, she sprays him and he covers his eyes.

The video doesn’t include audio, and it’s unclear what prompted the unidentified couple to begin sparring. Police told MLive.com they were in a relationship.

VIDEO: Fight, pepper spraying on Rapid

Caught in the fire of the pepper spray was a 2-year-old boy, according to MLive.com. The child, wearing a green jacket, could be seen rubbing his eyes after the woman initially doused the man, which caused riders to jump out of their seats.

The toddler was later treated by rescuers at the scene.

Grand Rapids police, meanwhile, were unable to say Sunday whether any charges had been filed or arrests made in connection to the assault.