April 19, 2014

Willow Smith Made How Much From “Whip My Hair?”

( 4UMF NEWS ) Willow Smith Made $4 Million

People Magazine has announced their “Richest Teens” list, and two Hollywood teenagers from the same household are on it. Both Willow Smith and Jaden Smith have made it onto the list, with earnings from their own respective solo projects– disconnected of their power couple parents Will and Jada.

Jaden Smith was credited with earning $5 Million throughout the 2010 calendar year, with $3 Million of that coming from his award winning role in the blockbuster classic remake of Karate Kid.

Willow Smith had her own breakout year with her first popular hit single “Whip My Hair.” In 2010, not only did Willow make $4 Million off of that song alone, but she even signed a lucrative record deal. The ten year-old singer signed a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and even launched a second single, “21st Century Girl.” Prior to the release of her second single, the young starlet toured with Justin Bieber for a short time, where she got a taste of the jetset life. Willow brought in $4 million which puts her earnings close to artists who actually released albums last year, including Nicki Minaj and B.O.B.

Check out the list of the richest teens:

#1 – Justin Bieber – $53 million
#2 – Miley Cyrus – $48 million
#3 – Nick Jonas – 12.5 million
= – Taylor Lautner – 12.5 million
#5 – Selena Gomez – 5.5 million
#6 – Jaden Smith – 5 million
#7 – Willow Smith – 4 million