April 19, 2014

Wendy Williams Husband Busted With Transvestite


( 4UMF NEWS ) Wendy Williams Husband Busted With Transvestite:

According to an extremely reliable source, a transvestite has been hooking with Wendy Williams‘ husband, Kevin Hunter. Seems like the transvestite and Hunter have exchanged numbers and he has been in Hunter’s car and know where he and Wendy Williams live. And they’ve been getting it IN all of last year. This is not the first time Williams and Hunter has been in the news. Back in 2008, the radio personality-turned-television host and her husband made headlines when a talent booker filed a sexual harassment complaint.

Who knows who’s been the pitcher or the catcher but remember that you heard it here first…

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check the past history:
November 09, 2008. Make sure you read to the end..

Wendy Williams: Husband’s Sex Scandal Is A Bombshell
Posted Mar 25th 2008 6:06PM by Karu F. Daniels
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What in the Holy Halle Berry is going on with Wendy Williams?

The nationally-syndicated radio jock and best-selling author is in the midst of a scandalous sexual harassment case that is causing shock-waves throughout the media.

According to The New York Post, Wendy Williams talent booker/administrative assistant and part-time publicist, Nicole Spence, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on March 24 claiming that the top-rated WBLS-FM personality and her husband/manager, Kevin Hunter, tried to demand sex from her on repeated occasions. Spence, 27, alleges in the complaint that Hunter, 33, harassed her for sex more than a dozen times and created a hostile work environment by repeatedly abusing Williams, 43.

“Mr. Hunter repeatedly sexually propositioned me at work in the most crude and vulgar ways, telling me over and over that he wanted to ‘f*ck’ me,” Spence charges.

The complaint has been filed against Williams as well as Inner City Broadcasting, the radio station owner, while Hunter, who works as his wife’s manager, is named in the papers as an alleged perpetrator of the harassment.

The couple, who has a child together, both reportedly deny the claims.

Spence appeared on Essence magazine‘s groundbreaking digital dating series, ’30 Dates in 30 Days,’ where she went on a bunch of different dates with several bachelors.

“She’s trying to find a man — apparently just not one who is married to Wendy Williams,” TMZ.com quipped.

The popular website obtained legal documents, where Spence noted that Williams did nothing to staunch the alleged abuse, and in fact “offered to take me shopping so I could dress ‘like a sexy little bitch,’ as Mr. Hunter demanded.”

Wow wee.

“He told me that I was not cute but in fact was ‘just Jamaican,’” Spence alleged in one of her 37 points made in the “charge of discrimination.”

“It is clear that Ms. Williams, (the station’s general manager) Mr. [Deon] Livingston, and others at WBLS are attempting to force me out of the Company in retaliation for my complaints,” she added.

Williams, who has battled substance abuse and emotional abuse in the past and documented it all in her best-selling tomes ‘Wendy Williams Got The Heat’ and ‘The Wendy Williams Experience,’ is reportedly weathering this latest storm.

“Her allegations are totally false. This bitch is out of her mind,” Williams said The New York Post.

Spence is still employed at WBLS-FM, the only black owned radio station in New York City.

A spokesperson for the station could not be reached by deadline.

As of 11/06/08
And speaking of Wendy William’s, according to Radio and Records, almost her entire staff just got the boot including Charlemagne Tha God.
In a cost-cutting move, Inner City Broadcasting urban AC WBLS/New York has released most of the behind-the-scenes team of syndicated afternoon show “The Wendy Williams Experience.” Executive producer Tarin Donatien, production director Trev Hollywood and co-host Charlamagne Tha God have all been let go. Goose will remain with the “Experience” and continue to run the boards.
Talent booker and publicist Nicole Spence has also exited WBLS. In March, she filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, accusing Williams’ husband/manager, Kevin Hunter, of sexual discrimination. This case has reportedly been settled.

I see Nicole Spence took her settlement money (a little over a half a million) and got the hell out of dodge! As for Wendy, I’m hearing she may be next…

Bad Karma is a mutha…