April 17, 2014

Well-Dressed Groper Arrested

( 4UMF NEWS ) Well-Dressed Groper Arrested:

A Brooklyn man has been charged in the case of the so-called “well-dressed groper.”

26-year-old Karl Vanderwoude is being charged with forcible touching in what police say were three of four groping incidents of women all in Manhattan.

“I thought he was a pretty quiet guy. He was a kind guy. I didn’t know he was doing that,” said Javier Maldenado, neighbor.

Maldonado lives in the same Park Slope building where he says Vanderwoude shared a basement apartment with another man.

Tipsters to Crime Stoppers, police say, led them to him.

Many people had seen several of the video clips police released of the suspect and who they believed was coming up behind woman and groping them on four different occasions. His calm demeanor and business-like clothing some woman told Eyewitness News made him more threatening.

“It’s creepy that he looks like normal. He looks like a normal guy I would see on the street that I could ask for help or anything you know and he turns out to be like a creeper,” a woman said.

Sources tell Eyewitness News that Vanderwoude volunteered with a non-profit group that treated domestic violence and sex assault victims.

His neighbor says he had been invited to Vanderwoude’s apartment.

“We had some meetings downstairs, you know for bible studies and stuff,” Maldenado said.

Praising the arrest by police, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn released a statement saying in part that it sends, “a clear message to predators that they will be caught and punished for their crimes.”