April 21, 2014

Usain Bolt Marijuana

( 4UMF NEWS ) Usain Bolt Marijuana:

Potheads have a new reason to cheer for Usain Bolt besides the whole Jamaica thing. California weed shops are now selling a strain of weed named after the fastest man on the planet. What an honor!!

Our well-informed, and prescription-carrying sources say ever since the Games began, multiple weed dispensaries in the Orange County area have been selling a new product called, “Usain Bolt OG.”

U.B.O.G. got its name because it’s so “fast-hitting.”

But the Olympic weed tie-ins are far from over. Some shops plan to release a new line of weed-filled baked goods inspired by U.S. Judo fighter Nick Delpopolo who was just booted from the Games for eating a pot brownie.


  • Guest

    Very inappropriate for Usain Bolt’s personal brand as drug free Ambassador.  He should sue.

  • An usain bolt fan

    Im jealous at usains fortune, if only i were successful enough to have a strain of my own! Good things seem to be happening in this man’s life.