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Trina Talks New Music, Females In Hip-Hop, And French Montana

Trina Talks New Music, Females In Hip-Hop, And French Montana

( 4UMF NEWS ) Trina Talks New Music, Females In Hip-Hop, And French Montana:


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Trina Talks New Music, Females In Hip-Hop, And French Montana

After 15 years in the game, Trina is still very much the “diamond princess” of hip-hop. Although many female emcees have come and gone in the years since the 34-year-old burst on the scene as the Bonnie to fellow Miami native Trick Daddy‘s Clyde on the 1998 smash hit “Nann N*gga”, Trina has managed to maintain her popularity and relevance in the constantly changing hip-hop game.

Recently, I managed to get a few moments of Trina’s time to discuss what she thinks is the secret to her staying power. During our chat, I got her thoughts on the criticism she received because of her recent performance tribute to Nicki Minaj at the BMI Awards, why the men in hip-hop seem to be winning more than the women, the possibility of a reunion with Trick Daddy, and those pesky French Montana rumors. Check out highlights below.


“It’s not really timing, it’s just music. I’m just recording, and when I love it and I feel I have that record, then I’m ready to put it out. I don’t want to set a time around it because it makes everything seem rushed and frustrated, so I’d just rather…when I love it, and I know it’s the one, then I’m ready. I have a bunch or records I recorded, so be expecting a record really soon.”


“I don’t respond to criticism. Honestly, I don’t care really. I feel like people are so quick to say stuff before they know exactly what’s going on, and it makes you look a little stupid. I get the whole fact of when you do a tribute to somebody, people have always felt like it’s somebody you pay homage to that’s been in the game for a hundred years or so. I don’t feel like rules should really apply; it wasn’t about that. It wasn’t about me, it was about Cash Money. Cash Money is a very prominent and very successful record company that’s been around for a long time, and Baby and Slim, that’ s like, I’ve been known them for years, so it’s like family. And to honor them and pay tribute towards them, I thought it was just amazing. Nicki is the only female on their roster that is out, so the tribute was me doing a tribute to her, and I didn’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t have a problem with her. I think people that saw something wrong with it are the people that have a problem with her, and I saw a lot of the fans and a lot of my fans and a lot of other fans that totally was like in a rage, but I just feel like people should just get a life and mind their business and stop living so miserably and just enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing and stop putting so much effort into being negative towards what somebody else is doing. It did not do anything that was harmful to you, so why such negativity? It’s something that I wanted to do; I’m grown. I choose whatever I feel like doing; that’s what I wanted to do. I’m a part of BMI, I’ve been with BMI my entire career. They’ve treated me like royalty, and Cash Money, it was almost like a family thing. I just felt like it was cool. I wasn’t thinking about really anything or anybody. I was most concerned with not falling over that train on the dress and just having a great time.”

“I wish there was more females that was able to do the tribute honestly. I just feel like that’s the problem. Women are so catty, they’re stuck up, they have their own ways, and that’s the reason why none of them is working, and that’s a sad thing for hip-hop, I mean to be a hundred percent honest with you, I just feel like if it was for Willow Smith because I enjoy her music, I would do it. It didn’t matter if you was in the game five years or one year. If it’s what I want to do, I’m going to do whatever Trina wants to do, and that’s just how I feel. And I’m aware that a lot of people are not fans of hers, and that’s fine also, but it could’ve been for Missy, it could’ve been for Eve, it could’ve been for Salt-n-Pepa, if I wanted to do it, I would’ve done it.”



“You know what, I came in this game around a bunch of guys, and I’ve watched these guys, and half of them don’t like each other, half of them probably wouldn’t work with each other if it wasn’t for the benefit of what they’re doing, and the whole purpose of it is music. And you watch them tour, watch them collaborate, watch them put out records, you watch them on the charts up and down everyday, you watch them be able to perform at award shows, and that’s the reason they are winning. When you watch females, nobody wants to work with each other, nobody wants to be in the same room with each other, nobody likes each other. It’s just too much nonsense to me. It’s just like, too much insecurity. I’m a very secure person, and I just believe that I don’t care about what nobody else is doing. If I like you, if I love your music, if a I feel like you’re doing something that catches my attention, I give you props for that, no matter who it is. And I think that’s one of the biggest problems in the game because with the females that are in the game, whether you were in the game from the 90s up until the 2000s to right now, there’s no reason why there’s no connection, there’s no reason why there’s no collaboration, there’s no reason why there are no songs that’s number one on MTV or on the radio. You know why? It’s because women are catty, and they are jealous, and they are envious, and that’s such a sad thing. I think that when you look in the mirror, you should be 100% confident and you should be able to do whatever and work with whatever without any type of sourness. If you feel confident, you can give props to another person, you can feel like she’s done her thing, she’s doing great. You can’t deny what’s being done. You can only deny what you’re not doing, what you’re not a part of. I don’t care really…I’ve worked with almost every female in the industry, and I don’t have a problem with them because I’m secure with who I am, and I’ve been the underdog my career, and I still don’t care. Because I work, I make money, I pay my bills, I take care of my family, and that’s really what we’re all doing this for.”


“I don’t know, that can be possible. I mean Trick is Trick. I love Trick; I have a great admiration and respect for Trick. I started my career through him. We’ve tried to do records – I’ve done a couple of records with him before his last album was finished, and we just haven’t had a chance to really work or connect in the studio. The last time I was in the presence of Trick actually was in Jacksonville, Florida – we did a concert together, which was amazing. And it was crazy because we got ready to do the song, and I brought him out and of course the crowd lost it. It was almost like from the beginning of time when the record first started, so you know it was a fun moment. Trick’s an amazing person, and if we decide to ever get in the studio and record, I would definitely do it.”


“I’m not a couple with nobody. French Montana is an amazing person; he’s a great person, he’s been a great inspiration to me since he came into my life as far as working, business, career. He showed me some different things that honestly, I didn’t really get the last couple of years of my career. I was at a very pivotal moment, like a very bad space [when she dropped her mix tape on her birthday], and him being a guy, he’s not a guy that listens to a Trina music, you know. So for me to go into the studio to work with him, to do a record for him, and he’s like really putting out something new, and I’m like, ‘ummm, I don’t know. I’m just not really motivated right now.’ And he was like, ‘I don’t understand what that means.’ And then one of my girls was like, ‘play him your new stuff.’ And I was like, ‘no, no, no, no.’ And he begged me, and I did, and he was impressed. It was just a different type of chemistry, and once I played it, he was like, ‘yo, you need to put this out now.’ It gave me like a different sense of reassurance, and I like that about him. He’s a very positive person, he’s a great, fun person to be around, and that’s what I love about him. I guess when people see you with somebody, they automatically think that you’re together. If we were together, if we become together, I think you guys would know. I’m not looking for a boyfriend, I’m not looking for somebody to date – I’m not a dater, I never was good at dating, but if I decide to get into something, then you’ll know. I’m looking for a serious situation. A husband, a family, a life beyond everything that I’ve lived in my life, and that’s where I am in my life where that’s concerned.”

Outside of her music, Trina is busy working with an acting coach. Although she’s already been presented with a few opportunities to appear in movies, she wants to take her time and do things right. She also has a few reality TV projects on the table, but her fans can rest assured that they aren’t anything like Love & Hip-Hop. To keep up with Trina and her various projects, be sure to follow her on Twitter @TRINArockstar.


Ramona Rizzo Reveals Mob Wives Cast Shakeup!!!

This is Fashion Week here in NYC, and that means celebrities milling around the city attending events and shows.

On Saturday, I ran into Mob Wives star Ramona Rizzo at the 3rd Annual Shop Indie 4 A Cause Fashion & Trunk Show hosted by Yandy Smith, and to say I was surprised by what she told me about the show would be the understatement of the century!! When I asked her what was going on with the new season, she revealed that she was no longer a part of the cast! “No, ’cause I like to get paid, and they don’t want to pay. That’s one of the issues, yeah,” she told me. Ramona went on to say that both Carla Facciolo and Karen Gravano would not be returning as well!!

At that point, I was a little thrown off, but I managed to collect my thoughts long enough to dig a little deeper into her issues with the show (and by show, I mean VH1 and the producers of Mob Wives). When I asked Ramona if she ever felt pushed into certain situations for the sake of viewership, she told me, “I don’t feel I was forced, I felt like I was lied to behind the scenes. I was told a lot of lies, and then when me and the girls got together, it wasn’t true.” To clarify things, I asked her if she meant that she and the other ladies were lied to for the purpose of creating drama between them, and she replied, “Yeah, and that’s one of the issues when we got together, that’s what we discovered.”

Wow…who knew they play white folks on reality shows just as much as they play black folks. I’m just saying.

BET Network's 13th Annual "Celebration Of Gospel"

Twitscoop: Lil Mo Responds To Kelly Price’s ‘Editing’ Claims

If you are a loyal reader of this column, then you know I’m a big fan of R&B Divas: LA. I have been following the drama surrounding the show since its premiere, and have interviewed a few of the talented singers that makeup the cast.

Early on and to the surprise of many of her fans, Kelly Price emerged as the villain of the show. During one of the most talked about episodes, the “Friend Of Mine” singer arrived at rehearsal for the failed “Not Your Mama’s Monologues” with a shoulder bag that she claimed contained Timberland boots, Vaseline, and and a straight edge. Many viewers took that as a threat aimed at Kelly’s cast mate Chante Moore, her biggest nemesis on the show, but during a recent interview, the 40-year-old not only denied it was a threat towards Chante, she denied even saying ‘straight edge’, at least at that particular time.

According to Kelly, she said ‘straight edge’ during a previous conversation, and the word was edited into the much talked about scene by the show’s producers. She told CNikky.com, “You see me pull the Vaseline out. You see me pull the boots out. You don’t even see my face when the word ‘straight edge’ happens. Not only did I not have a straight edge that day, I didn’t say straight edge that day. That was an audio clip that was edited, and I’ve avoided using the word ‘edited’ because everyone goes so ham when they say, ‘You scream editing,’ but that was editing at its finest.”

Of course I had to reach out to Lil Mo to get her thoughts on Kelly’s editing allegation, and via Twitter she told me, “We had no budget for a lot of things. Do u think they would spend extra to add to editing? Lol chilllle iCant.”

Well there you go…hilarious!!


Spotted: Romany Malco At Cipha Sounds’ ‘Hip-Hop Improv’ Show

I am so ready for the upcoming sequel of Think Like a Man to be released, so you know I was beyond excited to spot one of the movie’s stars, Romany Malco, sitting one row in front of me at Cipha Sounds’ ‘Hip-Hop Improv’ show on Friday night. Although rapper 2 Chainz was the main attraction, many eyes in the audience were on Romany and his female companion.

After the hour long show came to an end, I jumped at the opportunity to speak to him about the sequel, which is set for release next summer. But as much as I would have love to tell you he gave me at least one juicy tidbit about the film, he only revealed that it is full of surprises. Think Like a Man Too hits theaters everywhere June 20, 2014.

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