April 18, 2014

Trina Braxton’s Husband Caught Cheating

( 4UMF NEWS ) Trina Braxton’s Husband Caught Cheating:

On the latest episode of Braxton Family Values, Trina breaks down about the horrific embarrassment that her husband Gabe Solis has dealt her family. Moreover, as fans learned last December online, Solis doesn’t just talk about Trina Braxton in the video; he allegedly also talks about other core issues behind Braxton Family Values.

Evelyn Braxton tries to comfort Trina Braxton after Trina learns of the video and photos leaking online. Trina says that her husband Gabe has embarrassed her, “again”. But this time, the level of embarrassment has eclipsed his previous conduct.

Fans are shocked to learn that Gabe got caught sending scandal pictures of himself to a female, on Skype. There are an additional set of pictures that remain posted online, elsewhere. Also, Gabe Solis allowed himself to be recorded, clothed, on Skype talking negatively about Trina with the female. Evelyn Braxton tells Trina that Gabe “has humiliated himself, his job, his mother and his father… yes he did. He was wrong.”

Trina tells viewers and news “when he told me he cheated on me for the first five years of our relationship it wasn’t a physical cheating, it was the same thing, on the internet.” But now that Trina has a television show, there is more at stake. “These people can click on this online at anytime and laughed at me” Trina breaks down and cries.

Evelyn says of Gabe, “I think he has a sickness.”

Trina responds, “Gabe’s explanation for his conduct is that he is sorry and that he needs help. When he first told me had an addiction, I didn’t believe. So it got the best of him.”

Solis has since told his broadcaster, WETV, “I think I have some issues I need to work on — I’m seeing a therapist who has helped me deal with some things where marriage is concerned. I think I can be faithful to just Trina, but it’s really getting the opportunity to prove that.”

That is truly embarrassing…

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