April 20, 2014

Trey Songz Busted Being Gay

Trey Songz Busted Being Gay

Trey Songz Busted Being Gay:I guess he gotta come out the closet. Locking lips with this dude. This is only a bad thing if he lie about it.

But everyone is Virginia Petersburg has said that he always was bi-sexual.

Peep the story:

Either someone is trying to ruin Trey Songz ladies man reputation or this is NOT the R&B crooner!

Rumor has it, Trey Songz has been snapped by someone kissing another man in the mouth!

CelebNMusic247 is NOT sure if this is actually Songz himself or a look a like trying to get 15 minutes of fame.

Trey Songz_Busted Being Gay

Shout out to the source Celebnmusic247

I am not a Trey Songz forensic analyst but if To all the ladies out there – Can you tell me if this is Trey or not?


  • http://gossipwelove.com/ Gossipwelove

    Um okay! violet

  • Poeticmrs


  • Yody

    U can’t even see the whole face, u don’t no if its him, why u tryna spread rumors find more pics and facts like they did dude from Tyler perry play…

  • Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    That aint Trey…..

  • Dyneshia

    Its not Trey cuz first his eyebrows are bushier, his skin color is darker, and also his ear and earrings are bigger …he also has a tattoo dat starts a on his neck and ends on his back …..get ur facts straight b4 yooh try to ruin someones image

  • G33

    clearly this is not him. check the guy on the pic’s facebook page.


  • Sheshe

    WTF ever NOT even Trey people play to much….smh

  • Vee

    he GAY! he ain’t gon let tha gay inbetween his holiday #PERIOD damnnnnn my Gay Songz !!!!!!

  • Candyyy

    Hell no ths don’t even look like Trey nt even a lil bit … People juss hatin cz he get all the LADIES :) ths ma boo tho

  • http://google mikisha

    ofcourse it aint Trey Songz, why would he be gay while he got a maltitude of women throwing themselves at him. If Trey Songz is gay, than all the male celebrities in the world are gay!!, bcoz by far, he is much of a man than all of them combined…….. The person or website which is responsible for these rumuors can go along hating, or better off stick ur head in your ass, coz honey, between Trey Songz & u,you’re the 1 who is gay……….. Hate urself, leave a great man do what he does best, being better than all of you haters…

  • Queen@PalominoVegas

    Ok ladies, this isn’t Trey. I’ve the person that this is and he doesn’t look like Trey. However this side view resembles him. Good job at making Enrique Famous


  • http://4umf.com/trey-songz-busted-being-gay/ Carla

    Thats him n yall kno it so stop fuckin around but he aint gots to be gay let me hit n i turn yo ass strait n im only 13

  • Tausha8311

    Definitely not Trey !

  • Micaela..babe from S.A

    To Carla….if ur a real fan ud know that it aint Trey he’s not gay like lukk at the fuckn brows luk at the ears..do u perhaps c any tatoos there?…that aint Trey n u shud b focusin on ur skwl work rather than makin Trey out!!!even if he was gay Niggga it wudn be any of yo business!!!! Halla back at Mee

  • http://Google Al-Qahira Bakra

    If its Trey or not he just got paid more for the publicity and we still broke.

  • stevie

    trey songz is gay…stop trying to deny it…gay is gay…no hate…trey songz is gay yes yes yes

  • Golala

    No that aint trey…why they trying to mess up with trey like that

  • 1Lelariley89

    This look so photo shopped its not even funny

  • rebecca

    trey song are those pic of you kissing a guy true?

  • rebecca

    trey song are those pic of you kissing a guy true?

  • Kim

    Its not him.. look at the eyebrows.. they don’t match. Trey clearly has thicker eye brows.. this pic they are shaped. not him…