April 17, 2014

Top 5 Diet Tips For The Holidays

( 4UMF NEWS ) Top 5 Diet Tips For The Holidays:

Talking to our health guru and fitness expert Buffie The Body. She has decided to give women some secret tips on how to survive the holiday season.
By giving all women the top 5 diet tips for the holidays.

Diet Tips

1. Your purse is your best friend! Keep nuts and sliced fruits in your purse to snack on. This will help keep you away from tempting junk foods that carry high sugar and saturated fat content.

2. Get the diary out! Jot down what you’re eating and the amount of calories you’re consuming. This makes you more conscience of what’s going in your body

3. Ditch the king sized plates (and spoons)! If you’re trying to control portion sizes; eat from a smaller plate and use a smaller serving spoon.
4. More is BETTER! If you know you’ll be eating more than normal during the holiday season, make sure to increase the amount of physical activities (cardio) you’re engaging in.
5. Don’t get tipsy! Remember, alcohol has calories also. Try to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages to 1-2 drinks a day.