April 20, 2014

The Bachelor Blazing In Belize

( 4UMF NEWS ) The Bachelor Blazing In Belize:

Ben Flajnik takes the remaining girls to the beautiful country of Belize. During this trip Ben is given the opportunity to go on three one on one dates and one group date. The first one on one date goes to personal favourite Lindzi where Ben took her on a helicopter ride over the ocean to see a bird’s eye view of the famous blue hole. Little did Lindzi know that not only was she sight-seeing, she was about to overcome a fear with Ben and jump out of the ‘copter and into the blue hole. Later on in the date, they had dinner together on an island where they express to each other that each date has gotten better and better. They then write a story in a bottle and send it off to sea.

One on one date number two goes to Emily. Ben and Emily take a bike ride in town and go lobster diving, which evidently is harder than it seems, however they both end up catching their dinner for the night. Later in the evening they have a dinner together and Emily officially invites Ben to her home for next week’s hometown visits.

All through the episode, Courtney is back at the house complaining about not getting a one on one date and is beginning to doubt her feelings for Ben. Luckily for her (and unluckily for the rest of the ladies + viewers), Courtney gets one on one date lucky number three. On this date, Ben and Courtney take a stroll through the jungle surpassing temples which they examine and express their interest in them. They continue to walk hand in hand as they are met with a massive Mayan Temple. They look at it’s beauty before heading up the steps and look out at the view. Courtney begins telling Ben about her moments of uncertainly with Ben and feeling that the spark is gone. Once they begin to have her moment she makes it clear that she now feels the spark again. Later in the evening during dinner Ben expresses to her that he had a moment of clarity at the top of the temple and saw her in his life. They begin to discuss the other girls in the house where Courtney doesn’t hesitate to talk trash about them calling them “vanilla and very into themselves”. Ben tells the camera “one of my fears is being with a woman who I like, but ultimately, other people don’t like”.

Finally the group date begins with Rachel, Nicki and Kacie B. Ben comes into their house at the crack of dawn to take them out for a ride to Shark Alley. Girls come to find out the plan is to swim open water with sharks at the highest shark population of the sea. Rachel shows apparent signs of fear, which ultimately worked in her favour as Ben was by her side the majority of the swim. The girls, later in the day, have their separate moments with Ben, where Kacie opens up to Ben about wanting him to visit her family for hometown visits. Kacie soon gets the rose securing her hometown visit she wished for. However, Kacie is also the one who ends up telling Ben to “tread lightly” when it comes to Courtney as him and the girls discuss their relationships (or lack thereof) with Courtney.

At the rose ceremony, Ben asks Chris to advise the women that he no longer needs the cocktail party; he knows exactly what he is going to do. The rose ceremony begins with giving a rose to Nicki and Lindzi. With suspense in the air, Ben asks to pull Courtney aside before continuing to ask her if she is still interested in being in the competition for his love. She assures him that she wouldn’t be here for any other guy and that she didn’t sign up to make friends with any of the girls. His confidence built up, they go back out to the ceremony where (surprise, surprise) Ben gives Courtney the last and final rose which ultimately sends Emily and Rachel home.

Don’t forget to tune in next Monday, February 20th, 2012 8pm eastern time on ABC to watch one of the highly anticipated episodes of the season; hometown visits.