April 18, 2014

Teen Mom 2 – The End Is Here

( 4UMF NEWS ) Teen Mom 2 – The End Is Here:

we recap the end of Teen Mom 2 during last night’s finale, we see the teen mothers all over the place. Jenelle’s journey through the finale takes her to her first days of Rehab where she tells the therapist that there is a history of bi-polar disorder in the family and discovers she may be affected as well. She has her ups and downs through rehab since the first two weeks of treatment she is not allowed internet or phone access. Jenelle becomes restless and begins craving pot and becoming depressed. After the two weeks is up she finally gets her things back and sees missed messages and voice mails from Kieffer wanting to get back together. When she calls him to explain he gets upset that she is giving up on them (him) then finally Jenelle asks him “Why don’t you let me focus on myself while I’m here?”. Jenelle then has a session with the therapist where she makes her first phone call to her mother since she has gotten to rehab. While they talk they slightly get into an argument which allows the therapist to see that Jenelle and her mother show their love for each other through the fighting. In the end Jenelle realizes the changes she has made and the things she has accomplished in rehab. She finally gets to go home bearing gifts for her mother and her little boy Jace.

Kailyn continues to struggle with her feelings between Jo and Jordan. She knows she cares about Jordan but realizes that she also cares a lot for Jo and doesn’t know what to do. She finally opens up to Jordan about her mistake hooking up with Jo but instead of apologizing and taking responsibility, she then starts making excuses as to why this situation is hard for her and how Jordan should put himself in her shoes. Jordan then has enough of hearing the story and he gets up to pack his things, all in the meantime fighting with Kailyn about how she isn’t showing any emotion, and he leaves. A few days later Jo comes back for his weekly visitation with Isaac where Kailyn decides she wants to try one more time in her relationship with Jo. However, when she brings this up Jo makes it more than clear that he is not looking for a committed relationship and that he is long over what happened between them, which leaves Kailyn alone and crying.

Leah is still dealing with the backlash of her mistake cheating on Corey a week before their wedding. Leah decides that she is still going to move into the new trailer she found and her friend will move in to help her with the baby girls and payments for the house. Ironically, during all this, her mother receives pictures in the mail of Leah and Corey’s wedding day which leaves Leah breaking down in her pain and guilt. Not only are Leah and Corey dealing with a divorce, they are also dealing with splitting up the items at their home and sharing the girls between them both. The Lawyers and parties involved have come to an agreement that Corey would get the girls in the morning and have them until the following evening where Leah would then pick up her things from their old home together. This leaves both Corey and I at devastating moments in their lives through the divorce process.

And we’re back to Chelsea. Yet, again, with the blandest story line (about Adam, no less), we also discover that she past her first out of five GED tests. The real story with Chelsea this episode is her hard time getting over Adam, especially after spotting him at a car show. After the sighting, he calls her while she is at her mother’s house and says that he will be picking up their girl Aubree instead of his mother. When he comes to pick up his daughter she begins to cry, more than likely from lack of seeing him. Chelsea’s heart beats (again) for Adam and as he invites her to go over to his house to talk, she eagerly agrees and hops in his truck where they ride off and have a sweet family moment together. After that evening, he called her back and told her he is going for a ride on his bike and if she wanted to join him. And again, without any hesitation, she agrees to go on the bike with him and rude off into the sunset (corny right?). But I mean…are we really surprised about this one?