September 18, 2014

Teen Fakes Rape To Win Ex-Boyfriend Back

Teen Fakes Rape To Win Ex-Boyfriend Back

( 4UMF NEWS ) Teen Fakes Rape To Win Ex-Boyfriend Back:

A wannabe model allegedly faked being raped by wrapping a plastic bag over her head and throwing herself into a ditch — all to try and win back her ex-boyfriend.

Kayla Earl — who claims to have auditioned for reality show “America’s Next Top Model” — was found dumped near a cemetery in Pleasant Grove, Ala., at 5 a.m. Tuesday.

The 19-year-old swimsuit and lingerie model told cops she was visiting a pal’s grave when she was grabbed by an unknown man who stuffed her head in a bag and tried to rape her.

He then left her for dead in a ditch.

But investigators noticed holes in her tale and she soon confessed to staging the entire attack — saying she thought it would convince her ex to get back together with her.

“She is going through some personal problems,” Pleasant Grove Detective Jason Davis told the Birmingham News.

“Between that and wanting attention, it turns out none of this happened,” he added.

Earl was charged on Wednesday with false reporting.


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