August 1, 2014

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

T.I. And Tiny Splitting Up


( 4UMF NEWS ) T.I. And Tiny Splitting Up:

Well liars-vill Mediatakeout is saying one of 4UMf favorite couples is splitting up.
Peep the bull shit!

It really HURTS OUR HEART to have to report this . .. but . . . according to a person IN THE KNOW, rapper TI and his wife Tiny are having some MARITAL STRIFE.

The insider, who spoke to on the condition on anonymity, tells us that the pair has been arguing MORE THAN USUAL since making the move out to Los Angeles. And that people close to the couple fear that the two may be headed for DIVORCE.

And last night, TI appeared to CONFIRM what we were hearing. Peep what he sent out to fans via Instagram. He deleted the posts HOURS LATER when Twitter followers began asking if he and Tiny were SPLITTING UP.
ti And Tiny spltting up



  • Alena Redwine

    I don’t think they are splitting. lots of married people have arguments but it doesn’t mean they are giving up! -purple


      of corse the arent, purple exactly , who especially rapper would let his girl get all her purplelipsticks on his lips make his purple & let a pic get taken for evryone to see… they in luv ah

  • JeezyCTE

    o ok well see jeezy

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  • Dave ‘Davey D’ Cook

    They been through oo much.. hey together for ever (WC)


    Lol . . . anyways, show me ONE THING media fake out is right on. smdh!!!!

  • Tawnymarie

    Who cares.

  • Mjj

    Damn they better get like Al green and stay together

  • William D. Thompson

    Say it aint so… say it aint so (RED)

  • DirtySouthHipHop.Com

    He ain’t gon find a ride or die chick like her who condones 3 somes and been holding him down since he was a corner boy… Plus it’ll be cheaper to keep her. You don’t move to Cali and then divorce??? WTDTA???

  • Mark Hemp

    never saw that coming- Vybz Kartel