April 20, 2014

Russell Wilson Kicked Out By Seahawks

( 4UMF NEWS ) Russell Wilson Kicked Out By Seahawks:

Russell Wilson was moving again on Thursday afternoon. He was moving through the halls of the Seattle Seahawks headquarters, ducking around corners, sliding past a group of fans, the locker room door, the entrance to the practice field, toward the stairs. He had 15 minutes free and he needed to watch film.

There had to be something new on the tapes he had undoubtedly watched dozens of times already – a new formation, a trend in the defense, a different way to make a play. Probably he already knew what it was and had dissected it 10 times, but to be sure he would want to watch it again. It’s best to always be prepared.

This has become something of a joke around the Seahawks locker room. Players see his empty locker and heads turn. Where’s Wilson? Then they nod. Oh yes, he’s watching film.

Russell Wilson rushes past Bears DE Corey Wootton during the second half of last Sunday’s win. (AP)”Why I think he’s there right now,” said wide receiver Sidney Rice, resting during an hour-long break between a walkthrough and a practice.

And indeed Wilson was.

Never have the Seahawks seen a player quite like this. One so earnest, so methodical, so devoted that he almost lives at the team complex, arriving early in the morning and leaving late at night. A rumor has spread through the locker room that the team kicked Wilson out of the headquarters during the bye week. The players shrug. It sounds like Wilson.

“I take copious notes,” he said as he headed toward the film room.

Into the year of the rookie quarterback that was only supposed to be about Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III comes Russell Wilson. No one could have expected this back on the second day of the NFL draft when Wilson was taken in the third round, seemingly to be a backup to newly signed Matt Flynn. But Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is forever using the word “compete”, throwing it around the team offices like a tired cliché. Every job is open the word implies, allowing for someone to burst in and seize it.

This summer Wilson did. And then he went into the season and kept ducking away from pass rushers and heaving passes downfield, making the impossible suddenly real. He drove the Seahawks (7-5) back to beat the Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots. He gave Seattle a late lead in Detroit that should have stood and finally he beat Chicago with a touchdown drive at the end of regulation and another in overtime for the most improbable victory of all.