September 1, 2014

Rick Ross — I’m Not Scared of The People Gunning For Me

Rick Ross Hires Armed Security

( 4UMF NEWS ) Rick Ross — I’m Not Scared of The People Gunning For Me:

Rick Ross is literally laughing in the face of danger — stepping out in L.A.. yesterday with a big smile on his face … and a fat cigar in his mouth … like he wasn’t nearly mowed down in a drive-by shooting last week.

Rick Ross — I REFUSE To Hide After Drive-By Shooting
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  • http://thaNorthStar.com thaNorthStar.com

    this dude tries to act so tough haha

    he can keep looking over his shoulder the rest of his life because he is a punk, but thats not G

  • http://wwww.RashaEntertainment.com Rasha Entertainment

    He got ever reason to be scared. (Army Green)

    • http://thaNorthStar.com thaNorthStar.com

      yeabut he just guna keep on fakin it like he is legot or something until it catches up to him.
      this isnt something people forget about & will follow him where ever he goes for the rest of his life. whata loser.

      see kids, this is why being a sellout it bad.
      also why you should always keep it real & show respect

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