April 18, 2014

Rakim Forgot The Main Reason Why He Got The IAMHIPHOP

( 4UMF NEWS ) Rakim Forgot The Main Reason Why He Got The IAMHIPHOP:

Like most of my other peers, last night found me watching the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards. After the melee surrounding the event (Rick Ross and Young Jeezy fighting and MMG’s Gunplay getting jumped by G-Unit henchmen) jumped off, we were all glued to the television looking for signs of the turmoil that was sure to come but with all of the focus being on Ricky Rozay, Jeezy and MMG, we missed a snub at the podium. And it seems other hip hop sites missed it as well.

Back in the late 80′s, instead of shouting ‘Obama for President’ it was ‘Eric B.for President’ but the man with the legendary lyrical tongue, his partner in hip-hop history forgot to mention Eric B.

Yes, Rakim snubbed Eric B.

Which is sad because everyone from Kanye West to Nas have acknowledged the legendary DJ from Long Island, NY. The contributions Eric B and Rakim made to the rap game are huge; they were the premier rapper/DJ combo that everyone wanted to emulate. Rakim was a true wordsmith whose flow spilled out of his lips like molasses covering the Eric B-produced tracks. It was hip hop at its finest.

Sure, we know their separate talents could stand alone but there was something about Rakim spitting over those hard baseline beats that had us all bopping our heads. We just knew both Eric B. and Rakim were no joke!

Mentioning Rakim without Eric B. is like mentioning Salt without Pepa; shouting out Fat and leaving out the Boys; having peanut butter with no jelly. It just isn’t done!

So what was really going on at the taping of this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards? Word on the street says there has been acrimonious tension between the duo for a serious minute but to not mention your partner, half the reason why rappers rap the way they rap today is crazy!

Are we the only hip hop site that’s appalled at this? Where is the outrage???

Eric B. for president!