July 26, 2014

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Pop Star Rushed To Hospital

Pop Star Rushed To Hospital

( 4UMF NEWS ) Pop Star Rushed To Hospital:

A jailed member of the Pussy Riot feminist punk band has been rushed to hospital suffering from overwork at a prison colony known for its harsh conditions, her lawyer claimed.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has suffered from headaches since last spring and her condition has worsened since October when she was jailed for performing an anti-Putin ‘punk prayer’ on the altar of Moscow’s main cathedral.
Like most female prisoners in Russia’s prison colonies, Tolokonnikova spends her days bent over a sewing machine stitching a minimum of 320 jacket linings a day.

Her lawyer Irina Khrunova sent a request to prison authorities in December to admit Tolokonnikova in order to perform a detailed medical check, and she was hospitalised on Jan. 24, the lawyer said.

Yekaterina Samutsevich, a band member who also was sentenced to two years in August but later released on appeal, added that Tolokonnikova feels exhausted after working long hours with little sleep.

‘They don’t allow her to have any rest; she works nearly round the clock,’ Samutsevich told independent Rain TV on Friday. ‘She said she feels tired, extremely tired.’

In an interview published last week in the independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Tolokonnikova stoically described harsh prison conditions, saying she doesn’t expect any leniency from authorities.

Tolokonnikova, who works at a sewing machine like most female prisoners in Russia’s prison colonies, told the paper that she has had her fingers punctured by the needle but has picked up speed and experience and can now meet her quota of making lining for 320 jackets a day.

Like other prisoners, she bathes once a week and uses cold water to wash the rest of the week.

Pyotr Verzilov, Tolokonnikova’s husband told The Associated Press on Friday that ‘obviously, the conditions aren’t that great, but her lawyer’s dealing with it.’

Federal Prison Service spokeswoman Kristina Belousova confirmed Tolokonnikova is in a hospital at her prison colony in Mordovia in western Russia, but declined to give other details.