April 19, 2014

Police Caught On Tape Planting Drugs

( 4UMF NEWS ) Police Caught On Tape Planting Drugs

A roughly 1 minute, 40 second portion of the video was distributed by the Utica Phoenix newspaper on their website, and quickly made its way through social media, alleging the planting of drugs by Utica Police.

Authorities say they believe viewing the full video shows what happened prior to the clip that has made its way around the internet, including what they say is the officers pulling those drugs from the vehicle’s occupants before going back to the car.

For the full video, head over to WKTV

  • http://twitter.com/EDOGZ818 EDOGZ818

    At 1 min in , you can clearly see the cop pull the drugs out of his own pocket & place them in the vehicle!