April 17, 2014

Patrice Fisher Naked

( 4UMF NEWS ) Patrice Fisher Naked:Well if you didn’t know the name of the actress Patrice Fisher, largely known as the face of Zane on Cinemax’s highest rated series “Zane’s Sex Chronicles is naked! Yes Patrice Fisher naked totally on cover the new issue of Titanium Girlz. She put a new name on the lady in red. Totally artistic and full of beauty this hip hop honey is still hot and on fire with the new reality show coming on Punch TV. and ex-con turned designer Satai Gordon. The pair clash almost within 5 minutes of meeting one another and it only gets worse from there. However both, women who consider themselves astute business woman recognize the benefit of the partnership and try to build a successful brand using their combined “assets’. And we get to watch them as they grow, into a national brand that will also appear in stores and online this fall to coincide with the premier of the show. With Matriarch Multimedia on behalf of its latest reality offering “ A Taste of Hunney”. you will wanna see this.

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