July 26, 2014

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Mother And Daughter Busted Selling 2 For 1 Sex Services

Mother And Daughter Busted Selling 2 For 1 Sex Services

( 4UMF NEWS ) Mother And Daughter Busted Selling 2 For 1 Sex Services:

It’s a family affair.

A Florida mother and daughter were arrested Tuesday and charged with soliciting two-for-one sex deals, police in Boynton Beach said.

Romona Ramoutar, 43, and her daughter, Daniella Sinanan, 24, advertised their sex special at Backpage.com, an online classifieds site known for escorts.

In their ad, the mother and daughter vowed to “rock your world” with “2 for 1 specials.”

A police officer replied to the ad via telephone and negotiated to have sex with both women for $160, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Suspecting that the man was a cop, however, the women abruptly canceled the deal.

When two more officers appeared at the apartment where the women live, they confessed to planning to have sex with the caller, police said.

Police said they believed that Ramoutar and Sinanan were prostituting themselves in order to pay for their drug habits.

“We don’t believe it’s a case of human trafficking,” police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater told the Sentinel. “What this appears to be to us is a case of two people who have a drug addiction and are participating in illicit activity to support their drug activity.”

Tuesday’s arrest marks the second time in the past couple of weeks that Ramoutar and Sinanan have been booked on solicitation of prostitution charges since. On July 25, another undercover police officer went to their apartment and negotiated a two-for-one session for $150 before arresting the pair