April 19, 2014

Common Law Court Indicts Rick Light As Informant in Charles Dyer Case

( 4UMF NEWS ) The Common Law Court, of the Patriot Community Indicted Well Regulated American Militias’ Leader Rick “Minuteman” Light for his role as an inside informants in Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot case, as well as for his subsequent actions sabotaging Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot support and Defense, from the inside.




Rick “MinuteMan” Light Founder And Owner Of Well Regulated American Militias (WRAMsite.com)



“Count 9: Inimical to the Patriot Community :
The Accused and his known associates has been consorting with employees or agents of the government, especially the FBI, in regard to the Charles Dyer affair.”





Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot






Charles Dyer , AKA : July 4 Patriot on Youtube, received record amounts of views on youtube, which apparently drew the attention of the agency  in charge of the “NETWORK” of informants previously, and firmly entrenched in the Patriot Community, including Rick “Minuteman” Light,  owner of Well Regulated American Militias, which at one time, was the largest online militia organization in the country, which has since declined as the role Rick “Minuteman” Light played in getting Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot convicted, and other misdeeds are examined by an ever increasing number of unbiased, and newly opened eyes, including Rick Light’s own contemporaries, who served on the same Common Law Court with Rick Light, when Rick Light was a member, as well as VOLUNTARY juror.


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Do this as a symbol of solidarity for his message, as the details surrounding the “OUTSIDE” influences on his conviction are slowly emerging.
Thank You In Advance.

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Meet Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot




Committee of Safety Common Law Court
In Case number 120201 Dated June 22, 2012
Deborah K. Swan
Rick Light, aka “Minuteman”
[The Indictment was sent to both the Accuser and the Accused on the above date. The Accused has neither replied nor agreed to answer the Indictment before a Jury at Trial. The following is the wording in the Indictment sent to the parties. Any additions, for the sake of clarity, will be within [brackets]. Understand that the evidence that was submitted and accepted by the Grand Jury is not indicative of the guilt of the Accused. It does, however, raise the possibility (probable cause) that the charges made are true. Only the Accused can defend against the accusations with evidence and testimony that he can provide to the Court to dispute that which has been provided by the Accuser.]
The Common Law Court has no authority to require you to appear. The Accuser came forth voluntarily. If you do not come forth voluntarily, and refuse to answer to the charges contained in the Indictment, there is nothing that the Court can do to compel you to do otherwise.
The Court, however, will post on its webpage, the Unanswered Indictment, for all who wish, to see and to comment. The wording of the Indictment may be changed to clarify certain portions, since some Exhibits may not be made available when an Indictment goes unanswered. The Court hesitates to promulgate certain activities when those activities are the based on the charges.
You have ten days (weekends and holidays excluded) to indicate that you intend to voluntarily answer the charges contained in the Indictment. If the Court has not heard from you in that time, the Unanswered Indictment will be posted. If you reconsider, at a later date, the Unanswered Indictment may be removed and trial schedule established.
If you choose to answer the Indictment, you should go to the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court Forum, at http://www.committee.org/LibertyTree/index.php, and register. Once you have registered, advise me of your username at the Forum so that I can provide access for you to where the exhibits, Complaint, and all other information you might desire, will be available. We must deal with access in this manner to assure your privacy. Only those authorized by the Court will be given access to that portion of the Forum.
Once you have indicated that you will answer to the charges, within the ten days indicated above, the Court will schedule the trial to begin no less than 20 days after receipt of your notice to the Court.
You will be allowed to call any witnesses that you wish, and you may submit any evidence that you wish. The decision of what may be submitted will be left to the Jury, not to the Court. The Jury’s determination will be whether they wish to consider testimony or evidence submitted at trial during their deliberations.
The Accuser will also have the right to provide additional evidence and to call witnesses to testify. The same determination, by the Jury, will apply to the Accuser’s evidence and witness testimony.
If a witness for either party refuses to answer questions in cross-examination, the Jury will determine whether to consider the testimony as prejudicial, by refusal to answer questions put to the witness. The other party will conduct the cross-examination, and, the Jury will ask questions of witnesses, if they choose to do so.
There is no limit to the amount of evidence, nor to the number of witnesses that may be called in any proceeding. There is no time limit on the duration of the trial.
Both you and the Accuser will be allowed to appoint any one person to serve on the trial (petit) jury, so long as that person is willing to take the oath that is taken by all jurors. This is to assure that both parties will have insight into the deliberations of the Jury, rather than have doubts as to what is transpiring during deliberations.
The Trial will be held at the Forum, in a “Courtroom” which has limited access. Witnesses will have to register at the Forum to testify, and will only be allowed access to the Courtroom during their testimony. Only parties to the action and specified Court members will have access, during the trial. The Jurors and most Court officials will have read only access and may not participate in any discussions during the trial.
There will be no oral testimony, unless it is submitted in the form of an MP3 audio file. All testimony shall be in writing, within the Forum, and under the appropriate Topic.
Upon completion of the Trial, a record will be made of the provable facts of the case. Unsupported allegations will be removed, so that no erroneous information can be construed from that record. The Trial record will then be posted, along with the Verdict, so that any who choose to review the Court record can do so, with a full understanding of the information provided to the Jury, and used by them to come to their verdict. This will include any sustainable counter-charges.
You will also have the right to file any counter-charges, without need for review by the Grand Jury, should you decide to answer the Indictment, so long as the charges are involving the Accuser.
This procedure is established to provide for the highest attainable justice that the Forum in which it is heard will allow, while still protecting the privacy of both parties, and others involved as witnesses or members of the Court.
If you are prepared to answer to this Indictment, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Clerk of the Court.
/s/ Clerk of the Court
Sent via email, read receipt, this 22nd day of June, 2012.
* * * * *
Unanswered Indictment posted at Liberty Tree Forum/ Common Law Courthouse/ Unanswered Indictments, July 5, 2012


Count 1: Libel :
That the Accuser has claimed that the Accused stole $10,000 from the “Dollars4Dyer legal defense fundraiser”.

Count 2: Libel :
The Accused lied about the relationship of the Accuser and Mrs. Dyer, regarding the “Dollars4Dyer legal defense fundraiser” PayPal account and whether Mrs. Dyer had access to funds raised, with the intention of discrediting the Accuser.

( Exhibit A-39-04 : 1 hr 54 min – 1 hr 57 min Sandman admits that his militia unit “took donations for the Dyers” )

Count 3: Defamation :
The Accused and his known associates have lied to Mrs. Dyer in an effort to damage the Accuser’s credibility with her.

Count 4: Libel :
The Accused has claimed that the Accuser made death threats to Charles Dyer’s attorney.

Count 5: Threatening :
The Accused has threatened the Accuser with harm.

Count 6: Entrapment :
The Accused gave the Accuser’s minor (at the time) daughter an “illegal” with the intention of having criminal
Counts brought on the Accuser.

Count 7: Extortion :
The Accused has made a list of demands for the Accuser to comply with.

Count 8: Defamation :
The Accused claimed that the Accuser has been involved in illegal activities with other members of WRAM.

Count 9: Inimical to the Patriot Community :
The Accused and his known associates has been consorting with employees or agents of the government, especially the FBI, in regard to the Charles Dyer affair.

[An additional Count was added to the Indictment on July 5, by the Grand Jury, as a result of the Court receiving an email (Court Exhibit A) from the Accused in response to his being served the Indictment.]
Count 10: Intimidating the Grand Jury
The Accused, upon receipt of Notice of Indictment, replied the Court with a threat, attempting to intimidate the Grand Jury and discourage it from its duties.


Amelia Foxwell, founder of SECOM ( South East Constitutional Militias ) , and New Colony Media, served on the Common Law Court , as did Rick “MinuteMan” Light, and both served in leadership positions in Charles Dyer’s / July 4 Patriots support group, and had access to insider defense information.  Amelia Foxwell has been alleged to have led the Florida SWAT Raid looking for Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot in August 2011, while he was the subject of a 12 statemanhunt.




Amelia Foxwell also called Rick Light an informant during the manhunt, while using SECOM resources to track down Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot, with Rick Light, for the FBI, in exchange for the REWARD money that was offered.




Rick “Minuteman” Light’s role in the ‘INFORMANTGATE” scandal that exposed a “NETWORK” of Informants operating in the Online Patriot / Militia Networking Community has been covered in the following links, and will continue to be, as more details emerge.


View The Full Indictment


  • http://www.facebook.com/adomesticpatriot Az Ranger

    Edogz, this is just a hit piece on Minuteman. I did not know you had chosen to support the assholes who failed in their aborrted attempt to takeover MM’s WRAM site, and subsequently started the MMM. I have been watching those asshoes for several yrs now, and it appears that I will need to start watching your activities as well!
    I remember, and saved to my computer, your discussions concerning the “New Black Panther Party, and it” stated agenda!” You and I had quite a lively discussion at that time as you attempted to defend their Communist points of view! Well, you and they got their wish, and we now have Communists running theis country! So, how is that Hope and Change working out for you? Those bastards are gonna pass that UN Gun-Ban Treaty, which will start the Civil War in this country, and give your boys in the BPP, the reason they have been looking for all along to start killing those who woould oppose their dictatorship! Just as most of us are going to oppose the tyranny of the federal gov’t!
    I KNOW where you stand on those issues, as per your own writngs, and those opinions ARE NOT what the mainstream militia movement has to say about the role of gov’t in our lives!
    Maybe it is time to dust that info off for general consumption? This is just a hit piece, pure and simple, but unfortunately for you and the other douchebags who you are obviously now associating with, I can critically think, and can actually read!
    I suggest thet you and the rest of the vermin from the Modern Militia Movement crawl back under the rocks from which you slunk, and just go away. Plain and simple…just go away!
    We do not need people with the moral character of a turd attempting to be in charrge of anything having to do with militia!


    • EDOGZ818

      Maybe you missed his letter?

      Alert to all Patriot/ Militia Groups!

      Charles Dyer has been completely infiltrated.

      This show is designed as a tool to help share information, discuss concerns, and expose the ones who have been committing crimes against patriots.

      Expose Patriot Corruption in the Patriot/Milita Community


      Call in to speak with the host
      (347) 850-1706

      Wensdays 9PM EST

      Donate $1 To Charles Dyer’s / July 4 Patriot’s Prison Fund :

      Site is ran by his sister.

      Special Invited Guest:
      Rick Minuteman Light, Nancy Mysticstar Genevese, Amelia Foxwell, Darren Wilburn, Walfred, Sandman369, Michael Loackomar, ConsigCor, Breacher, Jimmy Greywolf, Gary Hunt, Hutaree Members, WRAM Members, ARM Members, AWRM Members, TruthFinders, Chris Mortenson , Amy Dyer, and others.

      This will be the most Intense radio show ever!

      Don’t miss it & don’t miss out on donating to Charles Dyer’s / July 4 Patriot’s Prison Fund:
      http://www.indiegogo.com/CharlesDyer and guarantee time is provided for you to be heard, as well as submit topics here:

      • BullshitMeterAlarm

         Yeah, 10 people listened in to this “most intense radio show ever.”  Have you worked in the carnival field prior to this little hustle you and Deb Swan have going?  Tell her to put on a damn shirt, aaahhh, but she’s a former prostitute, she knows how to work a man.

        • http://twitter.com/EDOGZ818 EDOGZ818

          Sounds like you are the prostitute that knows how to work a man!  LOL

          • BullshitMeterAlarm

             Uuuummm, HUH?  I guess prostitutes do come in both genders.   So, anythings possible.  She used to be one though, and she’s knows exactly what she’s when she wears low cut spaghetti strap tan tops in almost every picture and video she has.  Are you going to deny this tactic?

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