April 19, 2014

Mike Tyson Meets His Match

(4UMF NEWS) Mike Tyson Meets His Match

Judge by the title of this story, you might believe Mike Tyson is geared up to get back in the ring, well maybe the ring of life. Every since he has gotten married to his lovely wife Lakiha, Tyson has really made a solid attempt to put a good foot forward in life. Tyson might have got the break through he was looking for thanks to another Mike Tyson.
Its all apart of CBS’s new reality show “Same Name” where celebrities are matched with everyday people that share the star’s name. Tyson switched lives with a Mike Tyson from Michigan who is a registered nurse. The former champ stepped out his comfort zone as he was forced to work as a RN and play goalie for a hockey team. The show premiers July 24 on CBS, no word as when Tyson’s episode will be shown but considering all the negative press he receives its good to see him in a different light.

The best part about the clip you see is Mike says if CBS had came to him a few years back with the idea, he probably would have attacked the producer thinking they was trying to play him. This goes to show you that time heals all pain, give a person a little love and room for growth and they can make a drastic change.

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