April 20, 2014

Mike The Situation And Ronnie Fight, Make Up

( 4UMF NEWS ) Mike The Situation And Ronnie Fight, Make Up:

Just as quickly as it began, the rift between “Jersey Shore” stars Mike the Situation and Ronnie is over. reports surfaced earlier today about a fight between the two stars. It all began with a fight between Ronnie and is on-again-off-again girlfriend Sammi. Of course. Ronnie, still heated from the argument, started to take his aggressions out on Mike the Situation by talking slick out of the side of his mouth. Mike is no punk and got offended by Ronnie’s words. They scrapped. They made up.

Pictures of Mike the Situation surfaced with the beginning stages of an eye jammy. Ronnie was photographed with scrapes on his knuckles.

This is exactly why Italy didn’t want the cast taping the fourth season of “Jersey Shore” there.

Since they made up, there’s no need to call the fight but who do you think won?