April 19, 2014

Micheal Jackson Sex Video/Chris Brown Gay Pics

( 4UMF NEWS ) Micheal Jackson Sex Video/Chris Brown Gay Pics:

I know it sounds so farfetched most likely because it is a young man shopping pics of him and another young gay man with Chris Brown in several sex positions… with Chris Browns d@ck out.


Sitting and hugged up with Chris Brown, tats and all.


This young man says that Chris Brown rolls in the same circles with the people in the pics.  Chris Brown had a female manager at one time he was sleeping with as well. Allegedly.

But get this: the owner of these alleged Chris Brown gay pics says he also has a Micheal Jackson sex video. Plus he said that Micheal Jackson had signed him to work with him but the relationship changed into a personal one. He claims he has a 30-minute video of him and Micheal Jackson making out which leads to a big sexcapade with him and the King of Pop.

Don’t believe me?

Maybe you will believe the book he has coming out. Plus let’s not forget the drama series with Paramount.

Everyone knows this would be worth 7 to 8 figures if it were true. He chooses not to keep the tape in the same state that he lives in.  But who knows with him because he is so focused on making up a rumor about Diddy raping a young lady that’s not related to him. This was done because he was fired as a Sean John model because he was doing cocaine on the job.

Again, allegedly.

He will be releasing this in the press very soon but remember you heard it here first only on 4umf.com

His name is Trend Rovheir (the self-proclaimed boy toy to the stars) and has come forth with some evidence on these names below. He also says two of his friends Dorian Renaud and @HollyLarry are boy toys to some very powerful men in LA. By the way people people Trend Rovheir number and social sites for all of his fans! ( 818 – 518 – 7861 )

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And Seinfeld co-creator Larry David likes young boys as well.

Wait, what?

To prove he is telling the truth about all this, he will be releasing a book with evidence on this guys. Peep the email he has sent out:

Kenneth S Alter is a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in BEVERLY HILLS, CA.

Married Jew with 5 Kids
Cell phone:  (310) 310-1482
- I’ve been in hotels with him recently, he came over my place and I’ve been to his office recently, he’s google me with his female assistant at work and has sent emails to personal contacts of his for me. Sex with him is very explicit and he still want me even though he feels bad he’s married. *2012*
Darrow Carson
Head of distribution @ Walt Disney Pictures in Burbank
Cell phone:  (213) 304-5026
He lives in Pasadena Ca and wanted me to be his kept boy. I would have had to quit my career in order to be available 24/7. He loves sex with younger boys of any nationality and will do anything for me if I went back to him.” *2012*
One of the head’s of the board at KCET (kids channel) and a manager to two pop stars
To talk about him can be risky for my dramatic series deal because he’s best friends with the VP of Paramount Pictures. I had and can still have a great relationship with him. The sex happened both at my house and his house in downtown LA.  *2012*