April 20, 2014

Marrying The Game Season Finale Recap


( 4UMF NEWS ) Marrying The Game Season Finale Recap:

Most Hip-Hop fans are more familiar with Game’s “gangster rap” persona than they are with the man we have met this season on VH1 series Marrying The Game. In the season finale, Game, or maybe we should call him Jayceon Taylor, stayed true to his family-oriented television image. Leading up to this episode, Tiffney had called off their wedding because Game decided to go to France with his assistant (who happened to be female). After discovering his wedding was canceled via a website, Game tries to make things right with Tiffney.

Here are some highlights from the final episode:

1. Game and Tiffney Try To Make Up Game and Tiffney decide that they need to talk to each other. While Tiffney is talking to Game, she tells him that he lacks in communication skills because of the way that he talks to her. Source Comments: We understand everything Game delivers in his music just fine.

2. Game Shuts Down The Idea of Couples Therapy Tiffney suggests that the two of them should go to couples therapy to improve their relationship and communication skills, but Game is not feeling it. Game believes that couples therapy is a waste of time. He doesn’t believe in counseling because he says that “when two people have a problem they should communicate to each other.” Source Comment: Hip-Hop needs some counseling so we’re with Tiff on this one.

3. Game Time Out Tiffney visits Game in the studio to talk about the couples therapy and he tells her that “it was stupid and there wasn’t a point,” and he even calls her “selfish.” They get into an argument and she walks out on him. Tiffney decides to take a break. Source Comment: Let’s be real, Tiff. Although many women wouldn’t get far, there may be a girl or two waiting in the wings for Mr. Taylor or any other rapper with some money under his mattress. Maybe, rethink that.

4. Game Breaks Down During the interview, Game cries while he is talking about Tiffney after all of the years they been together since he released his first album The Documentary. He showed his feelings for Tiffney and he couldn’t get through the interview without talking about her. Source Comment: We’ve been through this crying thing with a few rappers now. We’re going to hold back our comments on this. Check back with thesource.com because we’ve got some things to discuss.

They are such a cute couple…I hope The Game gets it together cuz my girl Tiff is about business!!