April 19, 2014

Man Says N*gga Live On Air

( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Says N*gga Live On Air:

A North Carolina man is facing assault charges for bum rushing a news reporter on live TV, grabbing her microphone and shouting the n-word into the camera.

WMBF-TV reporter Ashley Taylor was giving a live report about crime rates in Myrtle Beach on Wednesday when Justin Moore, 20, of Charlotte, rushed in front of the camera, snatched her microphone and shouted, “I’m that n—–!”

The broadcast quickly ended, and Moore, was arrested just a few moments later, WMBF reported.

Moore was charged with third degree assault and battery, and released from jail Thursday afternoon on $1,400 bond.

Taylor was not hurt and returned to work on Thursday, the station said.

In a follow up report, Taylor said the incident taught her to be better aware of her surroundings and the importance of victim’s advocates.