April 18, 2014

Madonna Joins Twitter

( 4UMF NEWS ) Madonna Joins Twitter:

Talk about a limited engagement.

To kick off the promotion of her 12th studio album, MDNA, Madonna has joined Twitter — for one day only.

The Material Girl will take to the social network Monday at 10 p.m. (EST) to chat about her first album in four years, which will be released Tuesday, and talk directly with her fans.

The megastar’s website announced the news and the Twitter handle @MadonnaMDNAday first sent a tweet out Sunday to promote tonight’s chat. Fans can submit their questions to Madonna by using the hashtag #AskMadonna in their tweets. Madonna’s Twitter account already has more than 14,000 followers.

Fans from throughout the world have already begun flooding Twitter with questions for Madonna. Some of the questions include queries on her set-list choices for the next tour, what music she listens to and on surviving in today’s turbulent music industry.

But Twitter is not Madonna’s first foray into social networking, reports Mashable. The pop star joined talk-show host Jimmy Fallon Saturday for a one-on-one Q&A exclusively streamed live on Facebook. In order to watch the chat, fans had to like her Facebook page.

Before the chat launched, Facebook helped to set up Madonna’s page and fill her timeline with footage from throughout her storied career, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The Michigan native already has accrued over 8 million “likes” on her Facebook page.

Story @ NY Daily News