April 18, 2014

Libya Jailed Less Than Us

( 4UMF NEWS ) Libya Jails Less Than Us: 

Libyan Oil was discovered in 1959. King Idris allowed oil profits to be collected by the oil companies. When Col Gadaffi took power , the oil profits were diverted to within Libya. The result was the elimination of unemployment , a rise in literacy and life expectancy , as well as overall standards of living.

Libyan life expectancy was the highest in Africa at seventy five years , and ten percent above the world average , with fewer people living below the datum poverty line than Holland. Libya is ranked sixty – one on the international incarceration index , while the U.S. is ranked first.

With free health care , housing and education fueled by the lowest oil production cost in the world , in a country where charging interest was illegal. The impact of a debt laden , interest driven monetary system will have on Libya’s society has yet to be determined.