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Latino Film Festival Strikes Nerve

Latino Film Festival Strikes Nerve1

( 4UMF NEWS ) Latino Film Festival Strikes Nerve:

The Georgia Latino Film Festival 2013 kicked off this weekend in Atlanta, GA with great Latino independent directors ready to show the world their finished masterpieces.

The film festival included works that covered many genres from drama to romantic comedy. Among the movies shown at the Saturday screening, one of them struck a nerve with the audience.

A film entitled ‘Imprisoned By Love’ directed by Michael Angelo, covers the gripping tale of a married woman and mother played by Atlanta actress Reece Odum who was domestically abused by her husband. Immediately after the film ended the audience stood to their feet for a standing ovation. As the actors and director Michael Angelo went into Q&A, one audience member gave her heart-felt testimony about growing up as a child in the middle of her parent’s domestically abusive relationship and the negative effects of it on her and her sibling’s lives.

The Latino Film Festival also included the re-mastered 1976 Latino movie classic ‘Fania All Stars’ which introduced salsa to the United States. However, the movie that won the crowd over was ‘Sex Love & Salsa’ directed by Adrian Manzano.

The “mockumentary” styled movie was based on the life of a young, womanizing, New York bachelor who gets caught up in his own web of games after dating multiple women under “casual” terms. The sex scenes were so steamy that one woman in the audience wanted to see it again.

This year’s Latino Film Festival made audiences happy, mad, and sad. Hopefully next year will be the same.

Latino Film Festival Strikes Nerve

Latino Film Festival Strikes Nerve