April 19, 2014

Lady Gaga Album To Sell One Million In First Week


( 4UMF NEWS ) Lady Gaga Album To Sell One Million In First Week:

Lady Gaga‘s third album, Born This Way, is projected to sell one million copies in the first week. ONE MILLION. In one week.

Amazon.com has contributed to the sales boost, offering the album as a .99 download for two days this week. According to Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, her camp was not responsible for the discounted pricing which the online retailer set. “Although we weren’t aware of Amazon’s deal that they were offering, I applaud them for their efforts,” Carter told The Lefsetz Letter.

Gaga becomes the first artist since Taylor Swift to sell a million copies in her first week. The country crooner’s album Speak Now opened with sales of 1.047 million units last fall. Lil Wayne is also a member of the milli club with Tha Carter III, which registered 1.005 million copies in June 2008.

Big, big numbers from the megastar. Lady Gaga has been on a whirlwind promotions campaign and between that and her album selling for 99 cents, I figured she would post big numbers in the first week out. I wonder how Beyonce’s album will do in its debut week…