September 30, 2014

Keyshia Cole Getting Divorced

Keyshia Cole Getting Divorced

( 4UMF NEWS ) Keyshia Cole Getting Divorced:

Keyshia Cole has been getting a lot of attention lately but not for anything positive. The ‘bi-racial’ diva has been burning bridges left and right after ebeefing with Destiny’s Child member Michelle William on Super Bowl Sunday.

The hate filled tweets left many wondering what had died up Keyshia’s cooch to make her so bitter…

Well, it looks like a bad marriage will do that. Last night Keyshia left some not so subtle subtweets directed at her baller hubby:

Keyshia Cole Getting-Divorced



Keyshia Cole-Getting Divorced


Keyshia Cole_Getting Divorced

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12 Responses to “Keyshia Cole Getting Divorced”
  1. She’s Frankie’s daughter. Case closed.

  2. thagstands4 says:

    Stick a fork in her cuz she’s done.

  3. hhnm42 says:

    my time to shine lol j/p – hiphopnewsmedia

  4. daaam thought it would work, pimp C

  5. Tonika says:

    You go Keshia live his ass I want you Keshia say yes tonika I love you are mine bady

  6. Butta b 34 says:

    She’s a woman that’s been hurt she’s a diamond n the ruff she deserves to b happy she bn thru hell already n she doesn’t deserve to b tried nemore! Boobey was suppose to b that man for her yes she pushed him away at xs and that messed up sum things but still no reason to b disrespectful to ur marriage I luv them both but nobody knows thier story no one is perfect but I wish they would mend it if it’s possible they have a beautiful lil man they have to think about god bless them all!! I love kcole we have similar lives we have lived smh but I’m praying for her/them!! Not cool to judge

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