April 20, 2014

Keyshia Cole Busted Giving Oral Sex

( 4UMF NEWS ) Keyshia Cole Busted Giving Oral Sex:It looks just like her i don;t know… What do you think?????????

Twitter is BUZZING sincelast night, when a photo of a girl who looks a lot like Keyshia Cole HIT THE WEB. The pic (which we REFUSE to put on our servers) is extremely graphic. So we WARN YOU – before you click the link below it shows VERY GRAPHIC IMAGERY!!!

  • http://www.globalhiphopbattles.com Team Global

    wow daaam hope thats bobbi-@GlobalHHB 10

  • http://4umf Johnny boy


  • cardell collins

    Whether its her or not, SO THE FUCK WHAT? Giving head is a COMMON sexual act! WTF!

    • FU

      true… why even deny it???

  • http://spilldabeanz.com Spilldabeanz.com

    WOW!!! I doubt if that’s her doe…..19

  • http://www.twitter.com/SharDollas_ Tierra

    Umm, that’s definately NOT Keyshia Cole! That’s not her nose & CLEARLY Keyshia’s tattoo is on her RIGHT arm not left. This is a girl that looks alot like Keyshia, the girl twitter name is @RedHeadMari .. i can’t believe ppl would even do this to her, that’s so disrespectful. This lady is a married woman with a son, family, and friends. People do anything for attention and the outsiders/haters love to carry mess. Get a fuckin life!! #Ijs

    • FU

      exactly we agree but it does look alot like her though

    • catdaddy

      uhhhh the tattoo is on her right arm, if u look at the pic again. I just hope it aint her because thats fkd up

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  • Neighbourhood Ninja

    I know this girl personally, she lives in my neighbouhood of P-town cali. So i can vouche that this is not keyshia cole, not even close so you all that have something negative to say about the singer/songwriter should quit it and suck a dick y’all selves.

    • FU

      either way it’s not that serious almost every women has don’t over the age of 18. If they haven’t then they old, or they partner is female.
      So it is really not a big deal if she gave a guy head. I am sure she give boobie head or he gettin it when he got road games… Choice is hers.

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  • melayasia

    That is not her Keisha Cole has a tattoo. Behind her ear

  • Truth Don

    Stupid that is her right ARM and its your left stupid

  • Truth Don

    Obviously this picture is not present, why yall acting so dumb….so blowing Dick…lmao,I wonder how her husband feel. I mean its one thing to know she sucking Dick,especially his but another to see her blowing someone else’s.

  • Manny

    Somebody up there said singer/songwriter, lls at youthful IGNANCE, this woman can’t sing, how else you think she got on and don’t be fooled, this all about $$$, no coincidence when CD drops this pic did too……dummeez, it IS her

  • toochiegirl

    Hell I suck dick n I love it. Everybody sucks dick. But that’s not keyshia. Its another girl. She admits it on Twitter

    • http://4umf Johnny boy

      Can I get your numba….;)

  • Gena

    That looks like one nice dick…good job Keisha u got u some good dick girl

  • Tawnymarie

    This is what happens when you put your business all out on the streets. Rather it’s her or not it’s hurtful for people to try and ruin some bodys image that’s married and a young mom, what has she ever did to have haters keep coming at her like this? Keep yo head girl they still won’t be able to shine like you.

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  • Shelly

    This is Keisha’s personal business..

  • truth

    If you really look at the tattoo they’re not the same duhh

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  • http://4umf.com tae dubb

    Thats not her look at the tats

    • FU

      why do people talk about tats when those things are put on your body at a point in time. in other words why cant a girl put it in her mouth before she got tatts

  • stylistp

    Dayuum keisha u go girl! she slobbing all ova that knob tho

    • jay

      Thats not keyshia people get a life

      • DZIRE

        That’s not Keisha, look at the dam TATOO on that ladys arm and look at the tattoo on Keisha’s arm!!! go get yo life!!!!….