April 18, 2014

Pics Leaked Of Wendy Williams Husbands Boyfriend

( 4UMF NEWS ) Pics Leaked Of Wendy Williams Husbands Boyfriend:

Yes people after a very reliable source told us about Kevin Hunter aka Wendy Williams husband

had been with a few transvestites.  But now Kevin Hunter transvestite boyfriend pictures surface.

We had to get to the truth and nothing but the truth!

Getting the entire scoop now Kevin Hunter had a liking for them,

but one in particular that he had several sexual encounters with.

This transvestite describes the inside of Wendy Williams house, Kevin Hunters car.

Also having his personal house and cell phone number.

And we are told that his phone actually has the name of the transvestite under the trannys number.

Bold to say the lease Kevin Hunter has been spotted around driving with his new boyfriend in the car.

We are waiting for those pictures as you read this. But for now we have pictures of the tranny.

It has been said in Clifton New Jersey for a while he was known to like them young and pretty.

But now Kevin Hunter and the person in the pics have been boo’d up since last year.

The only thing is does Wendy Williams know about this? Well our sources also said that she has spoken to her a couple of times…..

Hmmmmmmm! I wonder if Wendy Williams can figure out if that was her that called her house before after reading this post?

All I can say is people what you do in the dark comes out in the light and don’t be scared if you did it ( or her Kevin )

come clean cause you only busted when you deny the truth and then evidence comes out.

Like his phone number that was given to us!