April 20, 2014

Joesline Says Stevie J Is Gay

( 4UMF NEWS ) Joesline Says Stevie J Is Gay:

Now there has been a few reports and very weird looking pictures that have past through the eyes of the 4umf.com staff of Stevie J but we could not 100% says Stevie j is gay. Although now Joseline says Stevie J is gay. It makes you wonder…. Check the story.

MediaTakeOut.com learned that JOSELINE and STEVIE J from the show Love And Hip Hop are FIGHTING. And if you look at their TWEETS – it appears that JOSELINE IS PUTTING DUDE ON BLAST.

It all started out when Stevie J tweeted out “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You.” Later that day, Joseline went on a TWITTER RANT – apparently at her BF/manager Stevie J. We’re assuming she’s talking about STEEBIE – cause she says “I don’t want your gay azz no more” – and to the best of our knowledge, the ONLY MAN she was in a relationship with, was Stevie J.

Anyways Joseline told people NOT TO BOOK HER through anyone OTHER than herself. And she went on about how she “found out” about Stevie’s “undercover” gay lifestyle. Then she UNCEREMONIOUSLY BROKE UP with him and threatened to “put his business in the streets.”